Meet Coach Jhonny


Coach Juan Macareno was born and raised in Astoria, Queens. He has coached children in soccer for approximately five years. He is passionate about teaching soccer and helping children improve their soccer skills. As a young child, coach Jhonny played soccer to enhance his creativity, release stress, and self-regulate. Coach Jhonny likes to reflect on his teaching. Therefore, he is always searching for new techniques and methodologies to improve himself and be able to give the very best to his students.

"Through my coaching years, I've learned to provide opportunities to my students for decision making during play. I believe, we need to empower children to believe in themselves and make decisions on their own."
- Coach Jhonny -


USSF Grassroots 4v4 Coaching License

USSF Grassroots 7v7 Coaching License

USFF Grassroots 9v9 Coaching License

USFF Grassroot 11v11 Coaching License